return to tier two: draining the swamp

There’s really no cohesive theme to this week’s selections, I just tried to spread things out a bit stylistically while avoiding repeat appearances. (I don’t think I could handle seeing 2 different Gardenian albums take a loss within the span of a little more than a month.)

All of these bands were on the cusp of breaking through commercially at certain points in their respective careers–meaning that they were probably within shouting distance of being tacked onto the bottom of a Children of Bodom-led package tour–save for Julie Laughs Nomore, who were really fucking good yet distro’d like complete shit.

For your consideration this week:

  • Callenish Circle – Graceful…Yet Forbidding
  • Darkane – Insanity
  • Julie Laughs Nomore – When Only Darkness Remains
  • Kalmah – Swamplord

VOTE HERE, VOTE HARD. The winner will get covered early next week, like we do. See you then, humans.

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