2nd tier tornado: Old ’97s

Well, I didn’t plan on keeping things chronological (and we might wildly diverge in the future), but for the second poll, it felt appropriate to keep hanging out in that formative 1997 range.

Due to Star Wars Day, this week’s poll is running a little early…and if it proves fruitful, polls might run on Thursdays going forward. [Note: I’m not such a horrible Star Wars nerd that I can’t be bothered to write a 200-word blog post on the day a new movie is released, but it affects my day job in a way that fucks with my morning routine, so yeah.]

Anyway, let’s get this fatal four-way underway. A couple of transitional champs on their way out the door are battling against a pair of upstarts. Who ya got?

  • Edge of Sanity – Infernal
  • The Crown – Eternal Death
  • Eucharist – Mirrorworlds
  • Gardenian – Two Feet Stand


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